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How to Advertise Your Locksmith Company

Looking for locksmith advertising ideas? Here are some tried and tested ideas that will surely boost the success of your locksmith company.

    With over 2,000 qualified locksmiths in the United Kingdom, rising above the top may be a challenging feat. Locksmiths, who are mostly self-employed, make over £31,500 per year at an average. They offer a wide variety of different skills, such as cutting keys, selling and installing new lock systems, fixing broken locks, helping people who have locked themselves out of their cars or homes, and installing safes and vaults. Marketing and advertising is a vital part of your locksmith company if you want to expand your business and double profits.

Internet Listings

     Internet posts let your customers find your company online when they search for a locksmith. Consider having your own website and learn how to maximize its visibility by using location-specific posts, such as “locksmith W1”, “locksmith SW12”, or “locksmith Tottenham.” Maintaining a website is easy and not as costly as many of you have expected. Offer free inquiries and business leads as part of your service. Just be sure to expose your company to more potential customers.
Paid Search
Paid search is also a great advertising idea that can help clients search your business online. For instance, when a prospective client searches for terms like “locksmith SE1” and “install lock,” you can build an online ad that will appear next to the search results. Good thing is, you only pay for the ad if someone clicks on the link to your website. This makes a highly efficient and targeted advertising plan of action for your locksmith company. It’s very easy to set up an account with one of the largest search engine providers, like Google and Yahoo.

Referral Marketing

    Getting referrals from current and past customers, friends and family is one of the best ways to advertise your locksmith company. Ask your list of contacts to help you advertise your business. Make a written template or a draft that defines your service offerings and benefits to clients, and request your friends and satisfied customers to assist you by passing along the message to their network of contacts. If you’re just easy to get along with, most people won’t mind taking a few minutes to help out a small business entrepreneur in his local area.

Direct Mail

      Mailing directly to your potential clients can be an effective advertising idea for locksmiths since it allows you to target a specific group. For instance, if the common customer demography is elderly women who lock their key in the car, you can make a modified list of people who fit this segment with the help of a direct mail service provider. Then, you can send postcards or brochures creatively detailing your services offered or send direct mail by making a coupon or other ad types. Look for a direct mail provider that fits your needs and budget to distribute it to clients in your local area.

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